Friday, 27 February 2015


Even though I currently own about 3 tubes of Benefit's They're Real mascara it has never had me 100% sold on why it is the UK's number one mascara.
There is no denying that it intensifies lashes, giving volume and length. However, it is just not my one true love mascara.

I have always found when using They're Real on a day-to-day basis that the colour transfers under my eyes. Making eyes look bigger is not a bonus when it makes you look like you have dark circles from severe lack of sleep! I'm also not sure if I love the way it applies either, clumsy me always seems to touch my eyelid with the combed wand.

So when one of the Benebabes from work (and the wonder of instagram) informed me that Benefit was launching a new mascara I wasn't sure what I would think. I half expected it just to be another mascara that I would end up trying one day and not loving or hating.


To cement my commitment to blogging this time round I have signed up to bloglovin.

Its always a lot of fun to discover new blogs too!


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Driving my little car.

After many years of putting it off I finally decided learning to drive was a necessity.
So in May 2014 I bit the bullet and booked lessons after a 5 year gap! 
The lessons went really well and after 3 attempts I passed my theory test (the easy part, I know!) Following that I passed my practical test 1st time!!

All in all it took me exactly 4 months to pass my test.
To start with I have been driving Mama Martin's car. She drives a little red Skoda Citigo. I fell in love a little.

Taken from google image search.

And so it begins...

This isn't my first blog. 
I normally start one and forget it even exists the next day. This one I hope to be very different.

I've decided to start a fresh and make a commitment to blogging. My main reason behind this is that I feel it may be therapeutic.

Every time I want to buy a product, try something new, even bake or a new healthy eating fad I end up looking to blogs. So why not give it a go myself?!

So here it is.

A little bit about myself first;
I'm a 24 year old based in Middlesbrough, North East England.
I have a degree in Drama and Education Studies and a Masters degree in Education (both of which are very wasted in my current department store job!)
I am a self-confessed make-up lover, as a result of working in a department store... Staff discount isn't always a good thing!!

I guess that is enough for now and we shall see where this all goes.