Monday, 30 March 2015

Spring time nails- Models Own

Even though there is a snow warning here in the North East, it has been feeling a lot more like Spring. The blossom is coming out on the trees, the wind is a lot milder and there is more rain! Although Spring in England can be a bit grim with all the rain it definitely feels a lot brighter and colourful than Winter. With less than a week to go until Easter I decided to try out some really simple but effective Easter Egg inspired nails.

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter- The Body Shop

I'm lazy, very lazy.
That's the only way I can really start when it comes to cleansing. Half the time if I remember to take off my make-up at all then it will be a quick run over with a baby wipe or make-up remover wipe. Awful, I know!
Since I became more obsessed with make-up and beauty I have been trying very hard to become more obsessive with my skin care too, and it is working and paying off!

I decided to jump on board with the cleansing balm trend after reading various blog posts and watching youtube videos. I didn't want to spend a fortune at first as I didn't have any idea if I would like this type of cleanser or not.
So I did some research and The Body Shop was probably one of the cheapest I could find. Let me know if I am mistaken but I could not find any drugstore versions of cleansing balms! Anyway, the Camomile Cleansing Butter is £12 full price but The Body Shop has offers on a lot of the time and 10% off for loyalty card holders.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Boots No7 Event

The other day I attended my very first blogger event and Boots Middlesbrough for the launch of No7's new facial oil.

I wasn't too sure what to expect but was excited to meet some of the other lovely North East bloggers out there. Luckily I know Rebecca and Danielle from work, so had someone to arrive with. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Glammed up my phone

I am quite probably one of the clumsiest people ever, so a case to protect my phone is a necessity. Protecting my phone shouldn't have to be ugly though and I don't want to pay a fortune!
So while at the pub (the best place to talk about phone cases) my best friend showed me her new phone case. I've struggled to find nice phone cases for my phone in the past. It always seems to be difficult to find nice cases if you don't own an iPhone or Samsung. I have the Nokia Lumia 1020, the issue with this phone is the massive camera stuck on the back. For a phone camera it is incredible at 41 megapixels but it does protrude a lot from the back of the phone. 

Therefore, most phone cases I had previously found were very plain with no 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Benefit Box o' Powders

Ever since I tried Bella Bamba I became a lover of Benefit's Box o' Powders. I like the consistency and colour payoff of this blush. You don't need to add too much or too little and it is buildable. On top of this, the colour of Bella Bamba is absolutely stunning!

I don't use this colour quite so much lately, however, it was once my go-to colour. 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

DIY Gel Nail Polish- How To

My first experience with gel polish was nearly 3 years ago. I had been a polish addict for quite some time by then, building up quite the Barry M collection. However, whatever nail polish I used they just did not want to stay put on my nails!!

Base coats, top coats, various brands and just nothing worked. If I wanted my nails a certain colour for a night out I had to paint them not long before leaving if I wanted any possibility of chip-free nails for a big event!!
As anyone who suffers from this predicament will know, it is a pain in the bottom!!

So for my graduation I wanted something more durable and had heard people speaking about gel polishes at work.
My mam went to get her hair done and I asked the manager of the Salon if they did gel polishes and luckily for me they did and had time to fit me in there and then.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hurry back summer!

Working on the accessories department for 2 and a half years definitely had its downfall in the way it sent my bank balance!!
Being around handbags and purse all day was not good for a person like me, as lovely as it was!
House of Fraser most certainly got the majority of my wages back... I am being slightly better now I work on Menswear (slightly less my style!)

However, during the summer it had some very good perks.
These came in the form of sunglasses!!
To be precise free sunglasses for selling lots!

My first summer on the department saw me bringing home some new friends in the form of RayBans and Polo Ralph Lauren.
The following summer was a second pair of RayBans and my babies AKA Michael Kors.

Pre-RayBans I was sure that £1 Primark sunnies would be all I ever need in life to protect my peepers from the harsh sun! (Not that we ever get much sun here in Middlesbrough!!)
How wrong I was!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Jewellery Addiction- Liza and Juno

One of the departments I work on is Jewellery.
We sell many brands that I love, but the one that I seem to be reaching for the most is always Liza and Juno. It is a fashion/costume jewellery brand at very reasonable prices.

When the brand first came into House of Fraser Middlesbrough it could be quite hit and miss. However, now the brand seems to really be upping its game and very on trend within our store.

This season's collection is by far the best. With pastel statement necklaces, midi-rings, chokers and ear cuffs Liza and Juno is so bang on with young fashion at the minute.