Monday, 11 May 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

My latest quest has been for my skin to glow, glow, Glow!!
The way I have been mostly doing this is foundations and highlighters but I have decided that it is the time to start going skin deep with my mission.
I have dry and occasionally dehydrated skin, no particular dry patches unless the weather is changing from season to season. I just know my skin is thirsty apart from the odd shininess in my t-zone now and then, but nothing a bit of powder can't handle.
I've tried to up my skin care game lately and I feel like it has been making a difference with the products I use on a night time. However, during the day I was finding that, even though it does add a lot of moisture, my usual Clinique Dramatically Different was not giving me the glow that I wanted.
So when I learnt that The Body Shop was expanding its Vitamin C range I was very excited.

Vitamin C is meant to revive tired complexions and the stress of job hunting has definitely been making my skin look tired and dull. 
I have used the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion in the past and absolutely love it, it is perfect when you want to give your skin that extra boost for an night out or just as a weekly treat for yourself. 
When I received my email offering 30% off for Love Your Body customers on the new range and a free gift on spends over £25 I just had to go into the Middlesbrough store and get my hands on some products.
The main product on my list was the new Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. I personally like a day cream that doesn't contain SPF as the majority of my foundations contain it, so this was calling out to me as my dream product. 

Firstly, the consistency is heavenly. It is described as a gel-cream and I would definitely say that is spot on. It it light like a gel but blends on like a cream, meaning you don't need a lot of product to cover your full face. I feel like because it is a gel it would also be good on oily skin as it isn't as heavy as a cream would be, but it also adds a lot of moisture for dryer skin types. If your skin is especially dry you could always add oils somewhere into your routine for that extra hydration.
Also with it being gel-like it is lovely and cool feeling which I absolutely love to wake me up on a morning.

Then there is the smell! It is so citrus-sy and fresh. I can imagine for some people the smell could be quite over-powering because it is really quite strongly fragranced but I love it! 
I actually spent quite a long time pondering over what the smell reminded me of and eventually I got there. Anyone from Teesside or has ever visited a seaside town close to here will know what I'm talking about. (if not you are missing out!) It reminds me so much of the citrus smell of a lemon top ice cream! Anything that brings back memories of my childhood with ice creams, beaches and sunshine gets a thumbs up from me.

This product contains Camu Camu berries which I found when doing some research has a higher concentration of Vitamin C than any other food on the planet!
On top of this, the product clarifies the skin which will bring out the new skin cells and help to get rid of the old. This will also be good to help skin looking youthful and radiant
Therefore, I am holding out some high hopes that my skin is glowing brightly all on its own in no time!
I'm definitely seeing some results in the past few days that I have been using it, and I'm sure that isn't only down to me being stricter with my regime.

Has anyone else tried any of the Vitamin C Range yet? What would you recommend for radiant skin?

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