Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Jewellery Addiction- Liza and Juno

One of the departments I work on is Jewellery.
We sell many brands that I love, but the one that I seem to be reaching for the most is always Liza and Juno. It is a fashion/costume jewellery brand at very reasonable prices.

When the brand first came into House of Fraser Middlesbrough it could be quite hit and miss. However, now the brand seems to really be upping its game and very on trend within our store.

This season's collection is by far the best. With pastel statement necklaces, midi-rings, chokers and ear cuffs Liza and Juno is so bang on with young fashion at the minute. 

I actually ended up buying all three ear cuffs from the current collection. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cuffs?!

I can't emphasise enough how good the prices are for this brand. One that jumped out in particular to me are a selection of 9 pairs of stud and hoop earrings for only £6!!! I'm just a bit gutted they aren't very me.

Just before the new season came into the store all of the last season were reduced to £1 and £2. I ended up buying quite a lot! I've become a little bit obsessed with wearing statement necklaces under a collared shirt, which is perfect because I managed to buy about 6 necklaces for £2 each.

I also cannot wait for the summer to whip out the anklet I bought!

I bought 2 bracelets last year as well that have long enough adjusters to wear around my ankles. 

The pictures are just a small example of some of the pieces I have bought and I haven't actually got that many items from the new collection to show off yet!!
I've become a little bit of a jewellery addict since I started working on the department!!


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