Friday, 27 February 2015


Even though I currently own about 3 tubes of Benefit's They're Real mascara it has never had me 100% sold on why it is the UK's number one mascara.
There is no denying that it intensifies lashes, giving volume and length. However, it is just not my one true love mascara.

I have always found when using They're Real on a day-to-day basis that the colour transfers under my eyes. Making eyes look bigger is not a bonus when it makes you look like you have dark circles from severe lack of sleep! I'm also not sure if I love the way it applies either, clumsy me always seems to touch my eyelid with the combed wand.

So when one of the Benebabes from work (and the wonder of instagram) informed me that Benefit was launching a new mascara I wasn't sure what I would think. I half expected it just to be another mascara that I would end up trying one day and not loving or hating.

Elle magazine got involved in the action with the new launch by popping a free sample sized Rollerlash in their last edition. This encouraged me to buy a copy to give it a go! Damn advertising techniques!!

Rollerlash's big selling point and main difference to other mascaras is that Benefit have added some of the properties of hair rollers to the wand. Yes, HAIR ROLLERS!

They've put little hook type contraptions on the comb of the wand. These hooks grip on to the lashes when applying the mascara and curl them upwards. The wand is curved alongside the lash line so that as many lashes are hooked in one go as possible.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. After trying the sample sized product from Elle I ended up going to buy the full size on launch day! Most mascaras that I've used in the past are very volumising. Rollerlash really lengthens my lashes and definitely curls them.

I've used this mascara on a few occasions now and it doesn't end up all over my face, even after a full day at work. I also like that it doesn't feel heavy. Its a very soft mascara that doesn't make your eyes feel heavy and lashes feel stiff all day.

At the minute I'm finding this a very "daytime" mascara, but maybe that is because I haven't attempted to wear it on a night out yet. It does seems like this mascara will be buildable and because of the comb and hook wand it shouldn't go clumpy.


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  1. I used the sample size from Elle after hearing all the hype and it totally lived up to it! I loved it but haven't bought the full size yet - need to use up a few other tubes of mascara first! Lucy, xx