Monday, 23 March 2015

Benefit Box o' Powders

Ever since I tried Bella Bamba I became a lover of Benefit's Box o' Powders. I like the consistency and colour payoff of this blush. You don't need to add too much or too little and it is buildable. On top of this, the colour of Bella Bamba is absolutely stunning!

I don't use this colour quite so much lately, however, it was once my go-to colour. 
In fact, the box of it that I have has reached the pan. I have been rationing this blusher as I do love it but Benefit have discontinued it!
I've looked at all of the other colours at work so many time but just could not decide which I wanted. I am horrendous at making decisions and even though £23.50 isn't a bad price for the amount of product, I just couldn't fork out that much if I wasn't 100% sure.

So I was thrilled when Benefit's Christmas gifts turned up on the shelves at work! In particular the one named 'Cheeky Sweet Spot'. (In case you didn't see, all of the 2014 Christmas gift sets were sweet shop themed)

This gave me a chance to try out 4 more of the blushers, for only £6 more than the price of one full-sized box. The set also included a Hoola bronzer, which I had already tried a sample size of, a Bella Bamba and a sample of Watts Up. I was obviously super happy to see a smaller size of the Bella Bamba included even though they don't sell it anymore, I don't need to be as stingey with mine now!

So the shades I have now tried are;
This shade is a very pale pink. This blush is meant for brightening the face and has a radiant finish. It is a sheer colour yet buildable if you fancy a bit more of a pop. there is a slight shimmer but not so much that you seem glittery when wearing it. Generally when I wear this shade I apply Lollitint, then a light coverage foundation, then do a light sweep of Dandelion as a finishing touch. I find that applying it in this way adds a bit of depth to the colour by combining the purpley shade of the tint and the baby pinkness of the powder. I love the natural look of this combination.
However, if you want to go for a more pinky look for the spring-time Posietint would be a more complimentary tint to pair with Dandelion.
Benefit also suggest a good way to wear this powder is lightly swept all over the face as a brightening finishing powder. I haven't tried this myself but will definitely be giving it a go!

I guess the name gives it away with this one! Coral. Once again this shade has a slight brightening shimmer but no crazy glitter-face result. Also it is sheer but buildable. I haven't had a great chance to wear this yet as I've been saving it for a spring/summer shade to pair with a coral lip.
For an added pop of colour Coralista could also be paired with Posietint for a more natural pinky-coral look. Or you could add this powder on top of ChaChaTint to really emphasise the coral look. This may look a bit OTT on some skin tones though!

Sugarbomb is different to the other powders in this set as it is a combination of 4 different colours. Peach, pink, rose and a light plummy colour make up this blusher. This blush has a gorgeous radiant finish and is very complimentary with the combination of different tones. 
You could even (with a steadier hand than mine) focus on one colour.
I do like sugarbomb but it is probably my least favourite on myself so far.

This is the newest of Benefit's Box o' Powders. Rockateur is a gorgeous rose gold shade and obviously anything in rose gold is bang on trend lately! This has definitely been my most used of the blushers since I got them. Especially paired with a shimmery pinky-brown eye look and deep lips during the autumn/winter. I'm definitely going to have a play round to find the best way to wear this for the warmer months but I can imagine it being perfect any time of year as it is very warming on the skin. 
This I would say is probably my favourite for a night out when built up as it gives a gorgeous glow.

Bella Bamba:
Benefit describes this blush as a 3D watermelon colour with gold undertones. The powder uses these colours and tones to highlight parts of the face and sculpt. This means that this blush would be great to use when doing a contoured look. Or if you can't be bothered with contouring it will make your cheeks look that bit more defined anyway.
I love this colour for all year round as it is nice and bright for the summer when applied lightly but gives a nice flushed look during the colder months.

This is the bronzer from the set, boasted to be the best-selling bronzer in the UK. It is meant to give a natural all year round tan to give a complexion a healthy glow. This is a completely matte bronzer and not an orangey tone like so many can be. I, however, find that Hoola can be a bit dark for my pale skin as an all-over bronzer. Which could also be due to my heavy handedness, I would need to apply very lightly to get the natural glow that I like the majority of the year. During the summer it is a bit more forgiving when I am wanting a more tanned look rather than a subtle glow. 
I do love this bronzer for contouring if I want a very sculpted look.
The texture of this bronzer is gorgeous though, it is just a shame they don't have a slightly lighter shade alternative so I could use more of it all year round.
Benefit also suggest on their own website to use with Benetint on the cheeks for a tanned look with a rosy tint.

Have you tried any of Benefit's Box o' Powders? What do you think? Have you tried any other combinations of powders and tints?


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