Sunday, 29 March 2015

Boots No7 Event

The other day I attended my very first blogger event and Boots Middlesbrough for the launch of No7's new facial oil.

I wasn't too sure what to expect but was excited to meet some of the other lovely North East bloggers out there. Luckily I know Rebecca and Danielle from work, so had someone to arrive with. 

On arrival we were taken upstairs and offered home-made cakes and drinks. This gave us chance to chat a little first and get to know the staff before heading back down to look at products.
Once everyone had arrived we went onto the shop floor and had chance to take a look around the counter, play with lots of testers and ask the No7 girls for any advice about the products and what they thought would work well for us.

 Some of the other bloggers got colour-matched with the No7 Match Made device. This is a machine that reads the skin tone and tells you which foundation would be the best match for your skin. I already use a No7 foundation after previously being matched so I didn't bother having it done on the night. 
Once you are matched with your perfect foundation you are given a card with recommendations of your perfect lipstick shades, so this service is perfect for anyone new to make up or unsure what they are looking for.

I well and truly took advantage of the time by having a good look at the make up and skin care lines that they have to offer.

We were each given a sample of the new Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil. This is an oil that can be used morning and evening due to its lighter texture, just rub a couple of drops into the skin before using a day or night cream for extra hydration. I love facial oils and have tried a little of this one on a morning as I already have one that I use overnight. It soaks in nicely and I don't find that it makes my skin feel greasy throughout the day, just glowing. I will try it on a night properly some time soon.

I am obsessed with the idea of glowing and radiant skin lately, so I was extremely happy when I saw we had all been given the Beautiful Skin Overnight Radiance Boost to try. I have been applying this for a couple of nights after my usual serum and before my oil. I have found when I wake up my skin is really soft and is more radiant. I have only tried this for a couple of nights so I am definitely looking forward to seeing the results on a more long term basis.

Finally, we got to pick out any other product that we wanted to try out for ourselves. I already use the No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum and I love the results it gives me. I haven't had a specific night cream that I have been using so I thought I would give the Protect and Perfect Night Cream a go. I have dry skin so a good night cream is always a bonus. I find that quite often night creams can be quite heavy and not the most comfortable to sleep in (which is kind of the point!) I've had this one on every night since the event and it is really light and soaks in really quickly for a night cream so I am impressed so far! I would have liked to try the day cream in this range too but it has an SPF of 15 and, even though obviously skin protection is a good thing, all of my foundations have SPF and you shouldn't mix 2 products containing sun protection as it can reduce the effectiveness. So I'll stick with my Dramatically Different on a day time for now.

Also in the goody bags were a few perfume samples and a small Essie nail polish.
Overall it was a lovely night and I have a lot more No7 products in mind that I want to give a go. 

If you want to give the new facial oil a go pop into Boots Middlesbrough before April 10th and say you read about it on my blog and you will get a bonus £5 worth of points on your Advantage Card!


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