Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hurry back summer!

Working on the accessories department for 2 and a half years definitely had its downfall in the way it sent my bank balance!!
Being around handbags and purse all day was not good for a person like me, as lovely as it was!
House of Fraser most certainly got the majority of my wages back... I am being slightly better now I work on Menswear (slightly less my style!)

However, during the summer it had some very good perks.
These came in the form of sunglasses!!
To be precise free sunglasses for selling lots!

My first summer on the department saw me bringing home some new friends in the form of RayBans and Polo Ralph Lauren.
The following summer was a second pair of RayBans and my babies AKA Michael Kors.

Pre-RayBans I was sure that £1 Primark sunnies would be all I ever need in life to protect my peepers from the harsh sun! (Not that we ever get much sun here in Middlesbrough!!)
How wrong I was!

My first outing with my new sunglasses was a dog walk. Where we quite often walk pooch is quite an open field that for the most part isn't shaded by the surrounding trees. Therefore, a pair of sunglasses are often a requirement.
The difference I noticed straight away was amazing, I didn't feel like my eyes were being strained in the sun at all compared to in cheaper sunglasses I've owned in the past.
Anything that stops my eyes straining gets a HUGE thumbs up from me because I really don't want to be getting any crows feet or other wrinkles caused by sun damage. I mean I make a point of wearing foundations with SPF so why wouldn't I want to protect my eyes from those harmful rays as well as my skin!!

The first RayBans I got were relatively cheap in comparison to some of the other RayBans. 
I got the Style 4165 Justin in a Matte Tortoise Shell design.
These ones were £98 when I got them but may be more expensive now as it was 2 years ago. They were the cheapest RayBans we had in our store.

My second pair of RayBans I got a year later. These are style 4203 in black. I love this pair! They are a more rounded frame than my other pair. This pair are also Polarised which added a bit to the price, RayBans tend to be at least £40 more expensive with Polarised lenses. These were £160 last summer.
The reason I wanted a polarised pair is that I was learning to drive when I chose these and polarisation reduces the amount of glare. Which obviously is much better when you are driving. So these are my main driving specs!

The Polo pair were actually a birthday present for Papa Martin. He also gets the majority of wear when out walking our dog. He loves them, well he should considering he chose them himself!
I also like to steal them though. They are quite a masculine frame but I like them. As I always said to customers some sunglasses do have a more obvious gender aim but it is all personal preference and everyone's faces are different. It is purely down to whether you like them on yourself or not.
I think these were around £102 and are style Polo 4053.

My final pair are my Michael Kors. These are a Green Plastic Aviator style frame. I love them but have not had a lot of wear out of them because I got them at the end of the summer and obviously its still only early spring now. I think they'll be whipped out very soon though!!
My main love of these is that they are a bit different and more fun than my other sunglasses which are much more classic styles.
I can't remember exactly how much these were but I think it was around £80.

Overall I love the sunglasses that I have but if they get any good offers on them this year I may end up splashing out. Oops!



  1. Love the Michael Kors pair! These are all way way way out of my price range, (can barely justify topshops at just £16!) but it doesn't hurt to wish! Getting them as perks is the dream aha. They all suit you really well, too :)

    little miss fii || Fii x

  2. Really want a pair of raybans but they cost so much! Guess I better start saving...

    Jadie |

    1. They are pricey! Totally worth it though, I love mine for driving :)

  3. I've treated myself to my first pay of Raybans this year! Can't wait until my holiday in May to get them out. I've always been the one with the Primark specials, which is great for in the UK but I always find they're not good enough for holiday - last time they melted! ha x

    1. Melted?! Sounds like you've been some hot places!
      I need to book a holiday to take full advantage of mine.