Thursday, 26 February 2015

And so it begins...

This isn't my first blog. 
I normally start one and forget it even exists the next day. This one I hope to be very different.

I've decided to start a fresh and make a commitment to blogging. My main reason behind this is that I feel it may be therapeutic.

Every time I want to buy a product, try something new, even bake or a new healthy eating fad I end up looking to blogs. So why not give it a go myself?!

So here it is.

A little bit about myself first;
I'm a 24 year old based in Middlesbrough, North East England.
I have a degree in Drama and Education Studies and a Masters degree in Education (both of which are very wasted in my current department store job!)
I am a self-confessed make-up lover, as a result of working in a department store... Staff discount isn't always a good thing!!

I guess that is enough for now and we shall see where this all goes.


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