Thursday, 26 February 2015

Driving my little car.

After many years of putting it off I finally decided learning to drive was a necessity.
So in May 2014 I bit the bullet and booked lessons after a 5 year gap! 
The lessons went really well and after 3 attempts I passed my theory test (the easy part, I know!) Following that I passed my practical test 1st time!!

All in all it took me exactly 4 months to pass my test.
To start with I have been driving Mama Martin's car. She drives a little red Skoda Citigo. I fell in love a little.

Taken from google image search.

This car is so small and easy to drive for a new driver. I can get out of small spaces with a lot of ease compared to a car any bigger. This is perfect when staying at my boyfriend's as he lives in flats that have the tiniest of spaces in the car park!!

Many people still think of Skoda as an unreliable brand of car but the Citigo is exactly the same as the Seat Mii and VW Up! at a much better price. All three of these cars jointly won Whatcar car of the year in 2012.
I always say if taxi drivers are willing to use them to earn their wage they must be pretty good and economical!
Drunken me has been known to tell taxi drivers that "I also drive a red Skoda". I cared a lot more than they did!

After a bit of saving and some Christmas overtime I have managed to put down a deposit on my very own Citigo!
I was a little bit naughty and decided to go for the top spec model rather than saving myself some pennies with the basic. I blame my Mam for that one though, the heated seats and built in SatNav/Media Player had just become a luxury that I couldn't lose!
Also with no Road Tax cost, lowest insurance group and offers on servicing and 0% APR at the minute it was too good to miss out.
So in April a brand new Silver Leaf Citigo with Ivory interior will be sat on my drive crying out for an "Amy" private registration plate!!

Images from Skoda Website

I'm very much hoping that these next 7-11 weeks go quickly!


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